Boracay Paradise Island in The Philippine Reopens To Visitors

The famous holiday island of Boracay in Philippines has reopened after it was closed six months for becoming a ‘cesspool”.

White Beach Boracay Philippines

More than 2 million tourists visited Boracay last year to enjoy its powdery white-sand beaches, spectacular sunsets and festive nightlife, generating about $1.3 billion in revenue.

White Beach Boracay Philippines

After President Rodrigo Duterte called it a ‘cesspool’ tainted by raw sewage flowing from hotels and restaurants into the sea. He ordered Boracay shut for rehabilitation.

Six months, after the tiny Boracay island as a paradise escape was shut down. On Friday, the white sand idyll reopened to visitors, but with a host of new rules which restrict drinking alcohol on the beach and limit the number of tourists and hotels.

White Beach Boracay Philippines

Only 157 of Boracay’s hundreds of hotels, inns, restaurants and souvenir shops have reopened after complying with regulations, including connecting to authorized sewer pipes and maintaining a 30-meter distance from the beach waters.

Only 19,000 tourists will be allowed on the island a day, while only half of its 12,000 hotel rooms can be booked.

In a similar, Thailand closed the Maya Bay and Maya Beach, beautiful
Island of Andaman sea in Krabi Province made famous by the Leonardo DiCaprio film, ‘The Beach’ to recover from environmental damage caused by a deluge of tourists.

Photo: Boracay Island by barrasa8P.J. Gardner, Jeff Tollefson, Dũng Nguyễn Việt on Flickr